Our thanks go to Laura McHarrie, Area Director, for organising Club Officer Training Day on Saturday 25th July. The programme set out Laura’s vision for her year in office with the focus on tiny things that matter. The training day gave us time to chat with members of Chaseside, Ferndown and Hallmark Clubs, which is always valuable. This created various ideas and shared best practice.

One of the things we were asked was; if there was a fire what would you rush back in to save from your Club? My answer was the humour. Dryden suggested the ice breaker manual. Some things that matter are tangible and others intangible. What would you want to save?

We were also tasked to say what advice we would give a new club setting up. The answers from the three mixed groups gave quite different perspectives, which I believe Laura will be sharing with us. What advice would you give?

Another strategic task was to identify the key components of the different roles. Our group worked on President and this was our response, so I have set myself a challenge to deliver this!

  • See the Club as a business and run it professionally
  • Encourage mentoring and goal setting
  • Create teamwork and listen to what your team says
  • Encourage new members to take on roles at meetings
  • Enable members to achieve their goals
  • Deliver excellent customer service
  • Uphold processes and procedures
  • Be prepared to take a risk and adapt meetings occasionally
  • Sell the benefits of Toastmasters at every opportunity
  • Help the club to grow
  • Be a role model and demonstrate the values and qualities
  • Be a resource and offer help when needed
  • Set expectations through the vision and values
  • Make a difference and create a legacy by leaving the club stronger at the end of your term. In my case, I want to improve the judging of competitions. (more later)
  • Show good governance and transparency e.g. accounts

I call on you, my team, to help me achieve this, as I cannot do it alone. I also need you to give me feedback on how you think I am doing.

You can start by signing up for a role at the next meeting, if you haven’t already; and thinking about what speaker and leadership goals you will set yourself for the coming year .

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