3 thoughts on “When and where do you meet?

  1. Hello
    I fear public speaking and basically have social anxiety. Would your meetings be a good place for me to try and overcome my fears?!

  2. I have the same problem as Melissa. I find it hard to attend meetings and even answer the phone when others are within earshot. Should I attend Toastmasters? Are the members understanding to social phobias?

    1. Absolutely Matt. We are probably the most understanding bunch of people you will ever meet – mostly because we can all remember when we feared entering the room!
      The format of the meeting is such that you can simply sit and observe if you wish and there will be someone to explain all that is happening.
      We really are a friendly group and there is always a welcome. Why no come along to our next meeting and if you get there a little early, say 7:15, I’d be happy to look out for you.

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