Hey I’m back from Oz and still bouncing.  Before I went you really wouldn’t have known that I did have some vague doubts that my bucket list trip wouldn’t live up to my expectations.  It did!

Anyone who knows me – not even that well – will tell you that I love a hug!  Giving a cuddle to a koala whilst I was out there went without question.  Who or what would you most love to hug?

We decided to take a 25 kilometer detour in the campervan from Cann River to see the Beehive falls.  It had rained stair roads for the previous 3 days so this was an interesting journey: gushing rivers, fallen logs that we had to move off the road, getting stuck in the mud trying to do a thirty three point turn.  Sounds like a tall tale?  Well I do love a drama.  What drama have you embellished out of a minor crisis?




And yet we did arrive at Melbourne by hook or crook and Dave met THEIR queen sorry I mean Dame; Dame Edna Everage of course.  Tell us about your most tenuous link to a celebrity.


My favourite part of the trip started with a drive up to the Snowy Mountains in the Winter sun and not a cloud in sight.  We stopped at a ramshackled shack of a campsite.  That night staggering back from the pub we got to see the most amazing night sky I have ever, ever seen.  Please share your most magical moment ever.

The hour and a half journey to the ski slopes was also amazing and whilst I have skied on much more interesting terranes, I don’t think I have ever been so over dressed!  Tell us about a time where you have turned up at an event where you have wished you had worn something more appropriate?

When in Hawkesbury Valley do what the Hawkesbury Valley people do … at Toastmasters.  An interesting variation on the Casterbridge Speakers agenda some worth discussing with the committee to see if there is any interest in trying out a couple of new ideas.  If money were no object where in the world would you most like to visit a Toastmasters meeting?

The final night arrives it’s The Lions v The Wallabies.  The Lions win 46:16.  What an amazing end to my birthday and the holiday itself.  The excitement had been building for months … Tell us about when something you have really looked forward to has exceeded your expectations.

Laura McHarrie


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