At the weekend I had the privilege to facilitate the Lecture Series at the Good Funeral Awards in Bournemouth.  Five fabulous and worthy speakers on a variety of fascinating subjects and an interview on the use of Psychedelic drugs to ease the ‘pain’ of death.

Caroline Goyder, a professional voice coach gave us three important tips to add gravitas to our speaking voice.

  1. Stand square, but relaxed.  If you hunch your shoulders it will restrict your intake of breath.
  2. Breathe from your diaphragm.  Your stomach should expand and contract rather than your chest.
  3. Practice singing. Sing every day to get your vocal chords vibrating.

Caroline took us through singing the days of the week.  I did some further research when I got back and found that it is the vowels that are the most important to enunciate. Try this activity …

You may find it odd but then; singing the days of the week is not that normal either.  Doing this exercise, you can truly feel the vibrations throughout your body.  Try it and let me know what you think?

Laura McHarrie

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