Word of the day – ADVENT

We had a lively evening at Casterbridge Toastmasters on 7th December, with two guests who were made very welcome. It was my first opportunity to serve as Toastmaster, and a challenge I enjoyed.

Six down-Six to go
The first speaker, Laura McHarry, gave us a fine and motivating speech relating to the future of the club, the goals we have set ourselves and what we need to do to achieve President’s Distinguished Club status for the current club year. The speech was from the ACS – Speeches by Management, No.2. Appraise with Praise

A Letter from Cold Harbour
Our second speaker, Rosie Barfoot, took us on a journey back through history to the American Civil War, with a letter from a serving soldier in the Union forces, writing a graphic letter home to his mother, and her reactions to her son’s sentiments as to slavery. Well read, and dramatically enacted. The speech was from ACS – Storytelling. No.5. Bringing History to Life.

Get Knotted
Steve Graham, as our third speaker spoke about the different types of knots, and proceeded to demonstrate a knot that is widely used in Mongolia for securing animals, the simply execution of which can be carried out with gloves on. It was, for those who were inexperienced in the art of knotting, not as easy as Steve made it look. The speech was from ADC – Speaking to Inform. No.3. The Demonstration Talk

Evaluators were Douglas Pigg, Andrew Knowles and David Smith, who all gave a fair critique of the speeches.

Table Topics was lead by Jenny Dalton, with a variety of topics surrounding Christmas, the enjoyment or otherwise of the festival. Both Guests participated very enthusiastically.

Colin Beveridge gave a good account as evaluator for table topics, and Rachel Knowles ably delivered the role of Grammarian.

Bev Hepting delivered the General Evaluation and as President, closed the meeting with a brief reminder that fees were to go up in January to £12p.c.m.

Best Speaker Award – Rosie Barfoot
Best Table Topic Award – Colin Beveridge
Best Evaluator – Andrew Knowles

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