One of the greatest benefits of being part of Casterbridge Speakers is the opportunity to be mentored and be a mentor.


Mentoring is essentially about helping people to develop more effectively and providing the support and structure for greater growth. You can think of Mentoring as being like a tree. It is about setting the basic roots to be grounded, feeding the growth, and building structured development. It is a two way process, just as the roots feed the leaves, the leaves feed the roots. A mentor can learn from their mentee.

A mentor can open the door to new opportunities and perspectives for the learner (or mentee).  As a mentor you may not necessarily know more about the topic than the learner, but you can question, advise and encourage the uptake of the learning.  Sharing knowledge, experience, and insight in a relationship of two equals is a highly rewarding experience. It is an essential leadership skill to enable people to improve their way of thinking.

Knowledge is not the same as wisdom. You can know something, but if you don’t apply it, then there is no wisdom. For example, you may have fantastic positive feedback from a presentation you give, so you know that it was good, but because of low self esteem, you discount it and rubbish yourself. Alternatively, you may have had some good suggestions as to how you could improve it for next time, which you then choose to ignore. A mentor can help guide you from knowledge to wisdom.

Think of someone who has been a good mentor to you in the past, how did they change your life or what benefits did they bring?

Benefits for the Mentee

He/she can:

  • Tap into the knowledge of another to aid their progress
  • Turn their knowledge and ideas into practical application and wisdom
  • Increase their confidence and sense of self worth
  • Tap into support which can help motivation
  • Feel more part of the team and so less likely to leave

Be a mentor – use you mentor; and help increase the wisdom of the Club.

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