Autumn was the theme of the meeting on October 15th and it was a heart warming evening, ‘toasted’ by our very own President Pigg. Although some members are falling by the wayside, the spring of new growth is never far away, as a new member joined. Do you know of any budding potential members?

Paul Hutchings rehearsed his humorous speech in preparation for the Divisional contest on Sunday 19th. He will be competing against clubs from across the South. Steve Graham will also be representing the club in Table Topics. We wish them both every success.

Anya Di Iongh gave a very different advanced speech on a fact finding report and got us thinking and questioning about how we assess the NHS prior to drastic changes being made. Would you value anecdotes on social media from patients, who have real expereince of the service, or the methodical scientific reports of the medical experts?

Rosie Barfoot delivered a dramatic speech from the Entertaining Speaker manual, entitled ‘With Everything at Steak’ and gave an emotional account of how BSE impacted on her and the farming community.

Despite very strong competition, Dryden Pennington won best Table Topics with a tongue-in-cheek view of how he would (or wouldn’t!) entertain a bunch of 10 year olds on a wet autumn afternoon. There will be no calls for him to baby-sit!


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