Steve Bulley, the managing director of Wessex FM is committed to supporting local community activities.

205071_200936296596177_4196919_nOn Wednesday 16th October he is joining the Casterbridge Speakers to simulate a radio talk show to help Laura McHarrie complete an advance communicators assignment.

The Talk Radio show has become popularsafe_image with thousands airing daily around the world.  Our local award winning Wessex FM  attracts new listeners year on year with its combination of witty presenters, local news and community interest.

There are three types of talk shows

Advice:  where the host introduces an expert in a particular field and listeners call in to get answers to their related questions.

Controversial: where the host invites one or more guests to discuss a contentious issue and the host moderates the discussion.

Feature: where the host invites a guest to discuss current events.  The host serves as an interviewer.

The last of these forms the project assignment that Laura McHarrie will be offering for evaluation at the Casterbridge Speakers meeting on the 16th October.  As the vice president for public relations for the club, she was delighted when Steve Bulley agreed to be the host.

“The actual project suggests you ask another member to take on the role but … it seemed like too good a publicity exercise to miss out on a local radio presenter actually asking the questions.

Laura explains.  “Since my performance will be evaluated by another member of the club, everyone will get to learn something from what I did well and what I might do differently ‘next’ time.

Anyone interested in what tips they might pick up, is welcome to come along.  There is no charge.

Casterbridge Speakers Club, founded in 2008, is affiliated to Toastmasters International. It is dedicated to improving your public speaking, communication and leadership skills in a friendly and supportive environment.  Each meeting provides a fun programme for those who are complete beginners at public speaking. Yet it also challenges more advanced speakers to hone the skills they already possess.

Casterbridge Speakers meets on the first and third Wednesdays of every month at the Wessex Royale Hotel in High West Street Dorchester.  Our meeting times are 7.15pm – 9.30pm,

You can also find out more information by sending an email to or by calling 0843 289 2142.

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