There can be many reasons for joining Casterbridge Speakers, as a recent survey of members showed.

  • Being invited and influenced by a current member
  • Having to give a speech at my daughter’s wedding
  • Supporting my wife
  • For work reasons
  • Mental stimulation and adrenalin kick
  • Satisfying the actor in me
  • Speaking impromptu in table topics
  • Gaining more confidence in public speaking
  • Improving my ability to evaluate others and give constructive feedback
  • The book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie

Whatever the initial reason for joining, there is then the need to keep attending, even in those cold winter months or when you are busy. It is converting interest into commitment. The factors of self-motivation that keep people coming back, even for years, proved equally varied:

  • The buzz of getting up to speak, whether scripted or off the cuff
  • It’s the chance to do a speech or take a role
  • Desire to improve and work with like-minded people
  • To give it a go
  • Enjoyment, friends and confidence building
  • Being part of the Toastmaster community
  • The support you receive
  • Increased confidence
  • The camaraderie and loyalty to the Club and its President
  • The Toastmaster magazine and materials
  • To learn how to be more persuasive
  • Achieve Advanced Communicator Bronze award

Steve Richards, who achieved his Competent Communicator Award, has not been able to come for 18 months due to his work commitments. Having returned last week, he said: ‘I realise how much I missed it and it’s great to be back’.

Whatever your reasons or motivation for wanting to improve your speaking or leadership skills, Casterbridge Speakers is there for you in a friendly and supportive environment. Why not tell your friends, family and colleagues? A strong membership gives a meeting even more of a buzz. Together, we can challenge and support each other to be the best that we want to be.

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