For the first time ever I prepared my evaluation ‘speech’. Whilst I can’t prepare the evaluation itself, lets face it I haven’t heard the speech, I discovered that I can prepare how I deliver it.

I have been voted best evaluator more than my fair share of times. I suspect through luck rather than judgement, or maybe judgement rather than speech. However, tonight I chose to take myself back to basics.

I looked at the criteria for evaluation. I wrote down what I was looking for in preparation for my brief description for the audience. Writing it down made me really focus on what I was looking for.


I wrote down my introduction to the evaluation; this told the audience what I was looking for and how I was going to present it.

“This was a Number 4 speech whose objectives were to use words and sentence structure to communicate ideas clearly, accurately and vividly; I’ve been looking for rhetorical devices that enhance and emphasize ideas; I’ve been looking for jargon or unnecessary words; and I’ve been looking for ‘his’ use of correct grammar.

I think that Steve addressed all of his objectives admirably in an enviable speech, which certainly taught me a thing or two about ……

I will now evaluate his speech in the three areas, structure, content and performance.”

Then; I prepared a grid to note relevant commendations and recommendations within the three areas I had suggested.

Then; I prepared a conclusion. Whilst I can’t possible know at this point what would be the points for consideration, I can give thought as how it might be summarised. This is what I prepared.


“So, how well do you think Steve addressed the objectives of this number 4 speech? I think he addressed them ‘all extremely’ well:

The highlight for me was his ….
The main point for improvement is to ……….
I was very impressed that he …

Can’t wait to see how he develops this in speech number ….

This is my warm down learning from tonight.  I hope that this helps others develop an evaluation speech that stands up to speech contestant standard.

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