We were mesmerized this week by how many times a word could be woven into everyone’s speeches and just how much fun the ‘word of the meeting’ could be – well done David for giving us such a great word (I really don’t think your threat of dinner had anything to do with the wordy success – much!)

Kicking off the entertainment, Neil chose to warm us up with a surprise random order throughout the room (rather than the more regular row by row) catching some of us off guard – ultimately it was Neil that was caught out by missing Dawn, Linda, Mark and Paul from the warm up! Paul unveiled our new banner which toned perfectly with the room.

We enjoyed three good speeches from Adam, Linda and Doug with equally relevant evaluations. Adams first speech highlighted how well he can speak publicly already for a first speech with his natural and engaging manner really showing though particularly when having finished the prepared part of his speech was able to improvise the make up the time. Linda’s speech Hysteria, it’s not funny on HRT gave us an insight into the history of Hysteria and the origins of the Hysterectomy which was in contrast to the whimsical subject of Doug’s Marilyn Munros Bottoms which in spite of its wit and humour was ultimately let down by going grossly over time.

Evaluation was, as is customary, very illuminating, with Dawn, Steve and Alan drawing out general ways in which we can all learn and improve through the evaluations of their respective speakers. Steve demonstrated a multi-layered approach to delivering positive aspects sandwiched with ways of improving. His evaluation skills we then employed again with the evaluation of the table topics sharing a useful tip for getting the audience on your side by making them laugh early in your speech. He also highlighted that we should not aim to stop talking as soon after the Green light as it possible, but keep going to the red light shows.

Adam won best speaker for his first speech, Steve for best evaluator and Paul won the table topics – well done to you all.

All in all one of the most entertaining and fun filled evenings at Casterbridge Speakers.



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