Most of the meeting roles here at Casterbridge Speakers are described in detail on the Toastmasters website, via the following link: Two roles that are not described on the Toastmasters website are Meet and Greet and Sergeant at Arms, so we’ve taken the liberty of describing them here.

Meet-and-greet and Sergeant-at-arms generally go together: Meet and Greet’s role is to greet people as they arrive, and make sure visitors sign the guest book.

Sergeant-at-arms is, in principle, in charge of setting up the room, making sure:

  • the chairs are out nicely
  • everyone has a ballot slip
  • the banner is up and the lectern out
  • the name-badges are out
  • the timekeeping equipment is set up and working

(In practice, anyone who’s around mucks in with all of that.)

In the meeting, the sergeant-at-arms:

  • Gives a warning before the meeting starts
  • Opens the meeting (big gavel-bang, energetic and friendly welcome; remind everyone where the toilets and emergency exits are, and to turn off their phones, hands over to the president)
  • Collects voting slips whenever there’s a vote
  • Warns about the start of the second half, then opens it (welcome back; hand over to topics master)

And afterwards, helps with packing up (again, that’s normally an everyone-mucks-in job).

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