Role of Induction Buddy
  1. Make yourself familiar with the information and resources available on the club’s website to support the Induction process (
  2. If you are interested in supporting a new member through their first 3 – 6 months at the club then please let your VP Membership know and be prepared to volunteer for the Meet and Greet Role at meetings. Every new Guest will be introduced to a potential Buddy (which could be the one that meets and greets them on the first night for continuity). The role of Induction Buddy will be confirmed once the guest joins the club.
  3. Please make sure that the new guest has a contact number for either the member that introduced them, the VP Membership or an induction buddy; and that we have their contact details so that if they do not show up for subsequent meetings having indicated an interest to join, one of the above will be assigned (by the VP Membership) to call the guest.
  4. Guests that attend for the second meeting will be asked if they would like to join. If yes, the VPM will give them a Membership pack, please check that the guest has everything they need.
  5. Once the new member has completed their membership form you will receive an email from the VPM to confirm that you are their Induction Buddy and you should make contact as soon as possible to discuss how the induction will take effect. Please note that every individual will have their own reasons for joining and will bring with them their own experiences and strengths. Your role is to find out what their goals are and as much information about how quickly they want to progress as possible. You will then be able to structure the induction programme to fit their specific needs. An induction checklist has been developed to support you in doing this and can be used to help you manage the process.
  6. Your main role is to encourage and reassure the new member that the club can help them to achieve their goals.
  7. Once you and the new member have covered all of the topics on checklist and are confident they know their way around Toastmasters, you may encourage them to ask the VPM to assign them a mentor. You may wish to volunteer to take on this role.
  8. Project 9 in the CL Manual will be relevant to the role of Induction Buddy if the new member completes 3 speeches from their CC manual during the period of you acting as their buddy and / or their mentor.
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