1. What happens once I have paid my joining fee and set up my monthly standing order?
    Within a couple of weeks you will receive your Competent Communicator and Competent Leader manuals from Toastmasters International. You will also receive an email from the club with your ‘log in’ and ‘temporary password’ for toastmasterclub.org, the website we use to manage all aspects of club meetings. You can then access the website and change your password to a more memorable one and familiarise yourself with how the site works. If you need any help or support in using the site contact either the mentor assigned to you or any member of the committee.
  2. How do I let you know whether I am coming to meetings or not?
    In order for meetings to run smoothly, we need to know if you will be attending. You will receive an email ahead of each meeting, asking you whether or not you will be attending, please respond to this as soon as possible. You can also let us know ahead of this via the toastmasterclub.org website, this is particularly useful if you know you will be away at a future date. Click on ‘My participation’ and then ‘Sign up for meetings’.
  3. When do I start my Competent Communicator Manual?
    As soon as possible after joining Casterbridge Speakers it is worth signing up for your ice breaker speech, you don’t need to wait until your manuals arrive in the post, you will have been given the ice breaker project in your new member pack. Log in to the website (www.toastmasterclub.org), go to ‘My participation’ drop down (at the top or on the right hand side) and click ‘request a speech’. Click on ‘workbook’ and select ‘Competent Communicator’, this will then show you the 10 projects within this manual then highlight the ‘ice breaker’, then add your speech title and the date preferences. The VP Education will take this into account when planning the meetings and you will be able to see when you have been allocated a slot at a forthcoming meeting, also by checking the ‘schedule speeches’ drop down.
  4. What happens if I lose my login details?
    When you visit the website it will ask you for your user name and password. If you lose these you can ask another member to give you your ‘user name’ and then you can apply for another temporary password. If you have any difficulties with this please contact a member of the committee and they will be able to send you this information in an email.
  5. What happens when I am allocated a meeting role for the first time?
    At Toastmasters we learn by doing so you will be given extra support when you take on a new role. However, you can easily access information about what the role entails by clicking on the role label on the ‘agenda’ page. We definitely recommend that you look at this information ahead of taking up any of the roles. Of course we would like you to proactively volunteer for roles ahead of them being assigned and then you can decide which roles you want to start with. Also once you start your ‘Competent Leader’ manual you will be able to plan which roles you need to take on to complete the various projects.

If you have any other questions or require any other support to get the most out of membership then please ask either your mentor or an existing member.

We also have a Getting Started section for new members.