Taking the Plunge! – Getting Started on your Toastmaster Journey
Every new journey starts with a few small steps and here at Casterbridge Speakers we want to ensure that your first steps at Toastmasters are as easy and as enjoyable as they can be.  Toastmasters provides an amazing amount of information and different resources to help you get what you need. You may need some help to get started, which is why we have put together a short induction programme to help you ‘Take the Plunge!’. toastmasters-support2
toastmasters-support Once you join Casterbridge Speakers, you will be introduced to your Induction Buddy who will support you during your initial months at the club.  They will be able to signpost you to the various resources and be on hand to offer you as much or as little support and reassurance as you require.  Everyone joins Toastmasters for different reasons and come from different backgrounds and experiences.  You can expect, along with everyone else at the club to experience our values of respect, help, support and tenacity – we never give up!
Three Steps to Becoming a Confident Toastmaster
  1. Your Induction Buddy will ask you what your objectives are for the first 3 – 6 months of joining Toastmasters.  You may have a particular goal and timescale in mind (e.g. father of the bride speech, work presentation, etc.) or you may prefer to have a more gentle introduction – it’s up to you.  Between you, you can complete the Induction Checklist; it is intended as a helpful prompt and record of the information and resources you may need within the first few months.  The Toastmasters Commitment is helpful in setting out your responsibilities to the club.  The map of the Toastmasters Educational Programme is a useful overview of the current programme but please be aware that a new programme is currently being trialled for introduction during 2017.  We will update members as and when we get the information from Headquarters.
  2. You can access the information and Resources via our website on your own or with the support of your Induction Buddy.  Go through the information at your own pace, including the really useful Videos on how to use Easy Speak, our meeting management web site.  Ask your Buddy any questions or share any concerns that arise for you.  Learning by doing is a key tenant of Toastmasters and so we encourage you to have a go as soon as possible both at speaking and at taking on the Meeting Roles.  Your first speech is the Ice Breaker. This is where you get to introduce yourself to the other members of the club.  Your Buddy will give you the support and encouragement that you need to do this as soon as you are ready.
  3. Once you feel confident in finding your way around the information and resources, and you have started speaking and taking on roles at meetings, your induction period will be complete.  We anticipate that this will be 3 – 6 months.  At this stage you may decide that you would like a Mentor to provide you with on-going support as required, and you can ask the VP Education to assign you one.  
We also have a FAQ's for New Members section for new members.