Spectacular! That was our word for the evening; and how appropriate it was. Whilst we had an attendance of only 10 members, our 4 guests (3 of them returning) swelled the numbers to something approaching a typical evening’s audience.

Jason was a very efficient Sergeant at Arms, with a polite yet firm approach that told everyone he meant business, whilst Rosie ‘wore many hats’ with her various roles this evening – and each one fitted her beautifully.

It was great to see Dryden at the meeting, after a few meetings’ absence, who stepped in admirably as timekeeper.

Anna enlightened us on the real secret to great customer service, whilst Doug showed us exactly how to be a ‘grumpy grandparent’! Both speeches were ably evaluated by Mark Whitting and David Tucker.

David Heard gave us a carnival themed table topics session for which returning guest, Victoria Bowers, was awarded the illustrious prize of best table topic. The award for best evaluator went to Stephanie Pettitt, who was pleased that her ‘keep it brief’ spreadheet approach paid off.

Doug and I shared the role of General Evaluator, making lighter work of a pretty intense task.

As for the giant duck, nakedness and mankini (Google it if you don’t know what one is) those trains of thought were all down to me; I’m wondering if I’m setting such a good example as President…

…and yet, it’s the fun and the humour shared at our meetings, combined with effective feedback and wonderful encouragement that makes Casterbridge Speakers Club such a great place to be on a Wednesday evening. It’s also why we ended tonight’s meeting with one new member and the strong likelihood of three more.

I keep telling myself maybe I should give myself the ‘odd meeting off’ but, as yet, I haven’t succeeded. Is it because I’m afraid it might fall apart without the president’s attendance? No chance – it was doing fine without me for 3 years before I joined, so I know the club is in very capable hands.

No, the reason I haven’t missed a meeting since I joined a year ago is that I’m enjoying them too much to want to.

Come along to our humourous speech contest on 7th September and feel the magic for yourselves.

Paul Hutchings
Club President

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