Growing older does not mean an inevitable decline in your mental abilities.  There’s a lot you can do to keep your mind sharp and alert.  Researchers believe that many of the supposed age-related changes that affect the mind, such as memory loss, are actually lifestyle related.  Just as muscles get flabby from sitting around and doing nothing, so does the brain.  As we grow older physical fitness, a healthy diet and mental exercises can all help to keep your brain buzzing with new experiences and provide a sense of purpose to our lives.

Increasingly freed from fears of debilitating diseases we now fear the loss of our minds in old age, everything that makes us unique and special.  A brain that gets smaller and lighter with age can still adapt and function as effectively as a younger brain.

For those of us in our mid-life stage we have been bombarded by aspirational goals; worried about how we match up to others, what we look like and what others think.  Advertising has persuaded us to buy things that we don’t need but only want; things that we think say something about us.  We need to change this by developing a pro-active mindset rather than a reactive one.

So let’s start to ‘change our minds’ by engaging in plenty of stimulating conversations; read newspapers, magazines and books; do crossword puzzles and word games or join us at Casterbridge Speakers.

At Casterbridge Speakers Club we help you to have fun as you slowly build up your confidence and ability to prepare, write, practice and make a speech.  Confidence grows quickly in a mutually supportive and positive learning environment as you learn to speak in a structured way as well as developing skills that allow you to speak spontaneously on a diverse range of subjects.

So why not give us a try?  You can attend the first two meetings before deciding on whether or not to join.  This gives you a chance to become familiar and hopefully comfortable in our meetings so that you can decide if it’s for you – I’m sure it will be.  If you’re nervous about attending then bring along a friend.

If you are interested please send me an e-mail to  I hope we will see you soon at one of our meetings.  You will be made very welcome.

Our meetings are held at the Wessex Royale Hotel, Dorchester on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month between 7:15pm and 9:45pm.  You can check us out at our website .

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