On 16th October 2013, our very own Natalie Haigh, took on the role of TopicsMaster at The Achievers Toastmasters in Marbella.

The Topicsmaster chairs a session of impromptu speaking topics.  The purpose is to help members think on their feet, by speaking without notice on subjects for 1 to 2 minutes each. It also allows speaking opportunities for those not scheduled for other roles on the Agenda.


Natalie decided it was a brilliant opportunity to get to know those in the club a bit better by sharing some things about herself.  This is what she shared!

How might you have answered the questions in one to two minutes?

“I’d like to get to know you all a bit better and what better way to do this than asking some very personal questions. To try and get away which such forwardness, I’m going to steal a formula from a UK TV show called ‘Blind Date’ presented by Cilla Black. I’m going to tell you something personal about me in the hope that you’ll be willing to exchange your own secrets… let’s start with an easy one…

1: I’ve often been compared to a butterfly because I never sit still for very long. What creature would you be compared with and why…?

2: People are often surprised at what I do for a living since I don’t really fit the stereotype. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. What is there about you that surprises others…?

3: One of my favourite things about the invention of the Kindle is that people can’t see what you’re reading. This means I can re-read Pride and Prejudice again and again without judgement. What’s your hidden guilty pleasure…?

4: As much as I want to and am trying to learn Spanish whenever a stranger talks to me in this language I don’t understand I come over all panicky and normally try to make a quick exit. What is it that fills you with fear & dread…?

5: My toughest year so far was when I was the IT manager at a German factory. But I never learnt so much so fast. What the most challenging job you’ve ever had…?

6: Although I like to think of myself as being helpful, I have been told that my eagerness to offer advice isn’t always welcome.  What’s your most annoying habit…?

7. My favourite sport is rock climbing and I’ve arranged my work and life to allow me plenty of time to do this. If you could make extra time in your life how would you spend it… ?

8. I’m really lucky to do voluntary work occasionally and support charities through my work as well. What causes are close to your heart…?

9. My closest friends are all very different, but they have some things important things in common like honesty and a good sense of humour. What’s your favourite quality in other people… ?

10. I was very proud to win a dance competition one in my life, especially as I am the least coordinated amongst my sisters. Don’t get too excited about it though as I was only 7 and it was at a holiday camp! Do you have any hidden talents… ?

Concluding remarks

Thank you for those interesting and honest accounts. I certainly feel that I’ve got to know some of you a bit better and I look forward to finding out more… “

2 thoughts on “Let’s get to know each other?

  1. What a fantastic Table Topics session that must have been, pure inspiration Natalie. Our loss is their gain and we look forward to seeing you back at Casterbridge next year.

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