How to get your Competent Leader award

For many Toastmasters the CL manual is a bit of a mystery and often overlooked by members who see Toastmasters as a ‘Speaking’ club. However, this is a valuable part of the Toastmasters experience and as you, as a member, will be taking on the roles in each meeting from time to time there is an opportunity to combine this with some excellent learning and to achieve an award which is internationally recognised.

Gaining the CL qualification also helps the club to boost its profile within toastmasters by contributing to the annual Distinguished Club Programme.

So, where to start? The first thing is to determine where you are at present and of course if you haven’t started this is pretty simple – or so you would think. The CL manual consists of ten projects, each covering a different aspect of leadership. Within each project there are a number of roles and the manual asks you to approach each of these within the context of that particular leadership quality. The important thing to note here is that not all projects require you to perform all of the roles in order to complete them.

Download this PDF and start planning your roles to complete the CL manual and bcome a Toastmasters International Competent Leader.

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