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2 thoughts on “Better Public Speaking Hints & Tips

  1. For true authenticity in your speech, be yourself. To gain impact, you may need to be larger than life. Imagine it as an enlarged photo of yourself. It is still you, but just a bit bigger. Be true to who you are and you will speak from the heart.

  2. “Humorous Speech”
    Tips from the participants of the humorous speech workshop last night (31/7/13) were:
    1. What you think is funny, your audience may think differently. Check it out in practice.
    2. Keep it short and concise (unless Ronnie Corbett) – almost like a cartoon drawing. Make each word count.
    3. Bring energy to your speech – this comes with more practice. Over practising can bring complacency, so it’s about getting the balance right.
    4. Humour can backfire so be prepared.
    5. It needs to be truthful in the sense that people can say ‘yes I can see that’. if they can’t relate to it, it will be hard to involve them. There is an element of plausibility.
    6. You need to think it’s funny (or can be).
    7. Be relaxed and confident.
    8. Humour has to be appropriate. Knowing where that line is can be hard and vary with your audience.
    9. Allow people time to laugh.
    10. Talk about something most people can relate to and has some value to them.
    11. Create a picture.
    12. Use observations – people can say ‘yes that happened to me’ or ‘yes,right!’
    13. There may be a degree of slapstick or self deprecation.
    14. Take the audience on an emotional journey.
    15. Be brave to be different.

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