There are the obvious reasons for being a member of Casterbridge Speakers and thereby Toastmasters International; such as:

  • Improving your presentation skills
  • Enhancing your leadership capabilities
  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Accessing amazing materials
  • Receiving constructive feedback in a supportive environment

However, there are some very important and less obvious reasons, which were highlighted on a recent Officer Training Day. Just the fact that you can go and share best practice with other clubs is an advantage, because you can apply the learning in your own daily work.

  • You have free peer mentoring. Being a member means you have access to people with a range of speaking and leadership skills and will be appointed your own mentor. This person can support you through your learning journey. You can be a mentor too and hone this important skill.
  • You have the opportunity to practice new leadership roles in a safe environment. As Caroline Brewer, Past Club President, said  ‘ Even though I train people in leadership, being President allowed me to put words into action and I really enjoyed the role’.
  • Being a member and taking on roles in the Club can enhance your CV and lead to career advancement. This has been demonstrated recently by a member, Anya De Iongh.
  • Self awareness is a key leadership skill and at Casterbridge Speakers, you can have objective, constructive feedback on your leadership and presentations.
  • As a Club Officer, you have the opportunity to stamp your own mark on a Club and in so doing, help the Club and its members to succeed.
  • The arenalin rush in giving a speech or fulfilling a role is highly stimulating without damage to body or limb (unlike bungey jumping)! Even greater is the excitement of entering the competitions and competing against the best.

With all these benefits, it makes sense to join. Come along to the next meeting and find out for yourself.

One thought on “Hidden Benefits of Being a Member

  1. Brilliant article Rosie and so well timed. I was asked earlier this week about the benefits of Casterbridge Speakers by a potential new member and so I have sent him the link; fingers crossed. I particularly appreciate your reference to an ‘adrenalin rush’, Table Topics still does that for me!

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