As with any new journey, the first few steps are crucial.  We want every new member to Toastmasters to feel welcomed and to settle in as quickly as possible to how things work at Casterbridge Speakers.  We follow a simple four-step approach:-

  1. Every new member is assigned an initial mentor to help them during their first 6 months at the club.  Click here for more information about mentoring
  2. Every new member has a set-up meeting with either the VP Education and / or their mentor to discuss his/her needs and expectations, including accessing the Getting Started part of the club’s website.  Click here for topics covered on Getting Started
  3. Get them speaking – every new member is encouraged to schedule their icebreaker speech as soon as possible.  We have an informal goal of three speeches within the first 6 months
  4. Get them taking on leadership roles – every new member is encouraged to review the leadership track / Competent Leader Manual and to take on meeting roles as early as they can.  We learn by doing and by getting feedback and evaluation.  Click here for a summary of meeting roles

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