It was another really engrossing and informative evening at Casterbridge Speakers, with the added incentive for us to perform well being the presence of our Area Governor, Gavin Meikle.

Our Toastmaster, Doug Pigg steered us through the evening with his entertaining links and Adam Gleave really made the most of his first official club role as timekeeper (well done Adam, keep up the good work!).

Alan Rooney alerted us to the dangers of travelling without adequate insurance and told us how to protect ourselves from getting into that situation.

Linda Parkinson-Hardman told us how six honest serving men (what, why, when, how, where and who) have served her well in life and been been her loyal companions.

And Steve Richards toned down his usual humorous take on life to give us a moving account of his Grandfather’s involvement in the Aberfan mining disaster of 1966.

All three speeches were superbly evaluated by three of our club’s most experienced members, giving all present a real masterclass on how to critique a speech effectively.

Our impromptu speaking session (table topics) was based on the theme for the evening “let’s face the music and dance” and, as usual, it was pepperred with great humour throughout. Our Area Governor participated and his skills were reflected in his being awarded the certificate for ‘best table topic speaker’ of the evening.

Our last official meeting for this year will be on Wednesday, 7th December. Please feel free to join us (no pressure to take part) and see how much fun public speaking really can be.

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