Our second meeting of 2012 started with a trickle of members arriving from 7pm onwards.We were joined by two prospective new members, Sue Adams and Ben Placidi. At 7-30 18 of us took our seats. The meeting was opened by  our President Paul Hutchings he handed the order of the evenings proceedings to Steve Graham a founding member and accomplished speaker. He steared us through a most enjoyable evening, which involved the presentation of three speeches,by Alan Rooney, Linda Parkinson Hardman and David Smith.

Alan gave a rousing reenactment of a battle from the Peninsula wars against Napoleon featuring the galant 57th with the cry of “Die Hard 57th”!.

Linda recounted her time as “a professional, amateur, actress” which won her the Best Speaker award for the evening.

Finally, Davids speech the theme of which charted his journey as a member of Toastmasters. His story is typical of many of us,starting out with little or no experience of speaking in public. He was transformed from a hesitant, nervous and reluctant speaker to one who held our attention while delivering a well rehearsed and powerful speech.

The evening proceeded with our set program with Sue and Ben voluntering to take part. We concluded with our Presidents address. Sue said she would like to join as a member and Ben is a definate maybe!!!! watch this space.

You are welcome to join us it could change your life!!!!

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