Casterbridge agmMinutes of Annual General Meeting on June 1st 2016

Attendees: Rosie Barfoot (RB); Bev Hepting (BH), Caroline Brewer (CJB),  Colin Beveridge, Jennie Dalton, Luke Mclachlan, Justin Waller, David Smith, Christine Wallach, Laura McHarrie, Jennie Dalton, Siobhan Davis, Alex Picot.

President’s Report.

RB gave an overview of the year’s events and thanked everyone for making it a successful year. The Club will achieve Select Distinguished Club award. This was achieved by:

  • Laura McHarrie– Advanced Communicator Silver – tonight
  • RB achieved Advanced Communicator Bronze last July
  • Steve Graham achieved Advanced Leadership Silver
  • Rachel Knowles achieved her Competent Leader and Advanced Leadership Bronze
  • We have over 20 members and 5 new members joined through the year, Guy Kerr, Luke Mclachlan, Siobhan Davis, Johnathan Woolls and Justin Waller.
  • We attended 2 x club officer training sessions (with more presence than other clubs)
  • We paid our dues to HO on time

Individual Recognition for outstanding effort

  • Caroline Brewer for her excellent role as VPE. Organised meetings, established education slots and kept people on track. Also taken on her High Performance Leadership project to improve induction.
  • Bev Hepting has achieved 4 speeches this year and sorted out our social media
  • Doug Pigg for sorting out and providing excellent Treasurer’s reports
  • Laura McHarrie for the support she has given us as Area Director


  • 24 members – not all of whom are as active as we would like.
  • Remained financially strong thanks to members paying their dues and by delivering Speechcraft to Dorset County Council
  • Established the vision and values and re-committed to the Toastmaster promise
  • Improved the social media presence
  • Mentors have been assigned and used by those wanting this
  • BH and Jason Routley led the inter-club mock trial of social media – great success.
  • Steve Graham got through to Table Topics Divisional final
  • 2 finalists (CJB and BH) at Divisional International / Evaluation. BH came 2nd
  • Tall Tales competition at Christmas
  • We have held 12 Skype committee meetings which all finished on time
  • We have volunteers for every role on the committee!
  • We yet again provided the Area Director – Laura Mcharrie, and she will be succeeded by Linda Parkinson Hardman
  • BH and RB delivered a workshop for Try This Dorchester and spoke at the Granby Breakfast club. BH is to speak at WPCC in July.
  • Most importantly a massive thank you to every member who has helped make this a great year and a fantastic club.

The Future

  • Firstly I would like to thank everyone of the existing committee for their commitment and support – they have been a brilliant team and those staying on will support the new team.
  • To everyone for volunteering to the new committee and I am sure they will do a fabulous job. It was agreed to have two Sergeant-at-arms to provide extra cover for the other roles.

New Committee

Role Name Proposed Seconded
President Bev Hepting Colin Beveridge Alex Picot
VP Education Colin Beveridge Caroline Brewer Christine Wallach
VP PR Luke McLachlan Bev Hepting Alex Picot
VP Membership Siobhan Davis Dave Smith Bev Hepting
Secretary Christine Wallach Laura McHarrie Justin Waller
Treasurer Doug Pigg Rosie Barfoot Laura McHarrie
Sergeant at Arms Jennie Dalton

Justin Waller

Dave Smith

Bev Hepting

Caroline Brewer

Colin Beveridge


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