This was an evening of firsts!  The first time we welcomed three new members at one meeting.  All three taking roles for the first time:  Anne Orchard as timekeeper, David Drysdale as Grammarian and Jay Roseveare who did his Icebreaker speech.

David gave us the wonderful word, Thrawn, to incorporate into our speeches tonight.  (Thrawn is an adjective that describes a person who is quite belligerent or cantankerous.)  He was indeed thrawn, sitting on the edge of his seat throughout the meeting counting the ahs the ums and the number of times we used this interestingly Scottish word.

There were two superb speeches evaluated tonight.  Jay’s icebreaker on ‘Why I have joined Toastmaster’ which was humorously delivered without as much as a glance at his notes!  This was evaluated by Pam Middlemast; her firstever evaluation.

Rosie Barfoot, who was voted best evaluator tonight, articulately evaluated Stephen Coburn’s second competent communicator speech entitled ‘a momentous moment in time’.  This is the story of that 1966 world cup as recalled by that 16 year old boy who was there behind that goal.

We were delighted to welcome David Smith, Caroline Brewer and Howard Johnson as our second time guests all of whom committed to the club tonight.  Hurrah!  And I do believe we have a pledge from Derek Fawell to join next meeting.

We had three first time guests too; Ginny, Simone and Mary.  We do hope you enjoyed yourselves and will come again in a fortnight or next month.

It was also the first time that Carole Whittaker has covered the president’s role, which she did at very short notice.  What a lovely closing speech she made congratulating our orators and the evaluators.  I would like to thank you Carole!

Pam Middlemast has put her hand up to be the Toastmaster at the next meeting on the 18th March, brand new member Howard Johnson has committed to do his Icebreaker and moi!  Laura McHarrie will attempt to deliver her fourth competent communication speech entitled On Top of the World (without notes)!

In an after meeting evaluation it was agreed to use the third speaker time to do some Toastmaster role education slots in the next couple of months.

To volunteer for other roles please contact Steve Graham, Vice president of Education in the first instance: or phone him on 07788 925840

Evaluators for the speeches

Table Topics

Table Topics evaluator

Time keeper


Finally, Carole Whittaker is taking a table in the centre of Dorchester this Friday the 6th March  from 11 – 2 .  She would be delighted for your support for half an hour or so. (If only that she can nip to the loo!)

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