This is a video link to Rachel Knowles fourth speech from the Competent Communicators manual.  This assignment asks you to use words that effectively communicate your message to the audience.  You should select clear, accurate, descriptive and short words and choose words that convey action.  Sentence and paragraph construction should be simple and short. You will need to include rhetorical devices, avoid jargon and unnecessary words and use correct grammar.

What did you think?

Rachel Knowles only joined Casterbridge Speakers in April 2013 and has already completed her fourth speech.  All have been based around her passion about Regency History; the Casterbridge Speakers have been fascinated by her take on the subject.

“This is my first YouTube video from one of my speeches. I plan to do more and at some point, I will seek opportunities to talk about Regency history. But maybe not this year…” Rachel adds; “Casterbridge Speakers is a very safe environment for improving your public speaking and leadership skills and provides incredible value for money for the professional training that you receive.”

Casterbridge Speakers meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Wessex Royale, High West Street, Dorchester, all new visitors are welcome.  There is no charge.



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