Casterbridge Speakers had its final meeting for 2016 when we met on Wednesday the 21st December, and what a Merry meeting it was!

We were joined by three guests; Paul, Ali and Chris and in typical Casterbridge fashion we threw them in at the deep end by inviting each of them up to try a Table Topic. Table Topics was particularly tough this week, with each speaker having to pull an object out of a bag and relate it to Christmas. Paul pulled out a present and his effort earnt him the Grammarian’s praise for the word “merriment”. Ali pulled out a stapler and her effort won her the award for Best Table Topics. Chris pulled out a rabbit and after some thought came out with a wonderful rhetorical line which made us all laugh, “well that’s what we do here at Toastmasters, rabbit, isn’t it!”

During the break we enjoyed home made cookies & mince pies (Christine Wallach made the cookies but who made the mince pie?). I must admit that before the meeting I rushed in to Morrisons to buy a few packages of Mr.Kipling deep filled mince pies, together with some Shloer, and I wasn’t surprised to find that the mince pies were untouched…you simply can’t beat home made!

Our three speakers for the evening were Christine Wallach, Rachel Knowles and Steve Graham. A special shout out to Rachel who kept us engaged for a entire 15 minutes (Speciality Speeches #4 – Read Out Loud), and Steve for achieving his Advanced Communicator Silver award! Rachel won the Best Speaker Award.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday the 4th January 2017. If you’re not a member and you want to be a better public speaker, or you may be anxious about speaking in front of a group of people, we can help you achieve your goals. In fact, why not make it a New Year’s resolution to come and visit us!

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