After table topics a fortnight ago I have taken on board some feedback that my topics were a bit too much like a speech in their own right and that isn’t the purpose of the tables topic master.  I have also recognised that some people quite like the idea of being a little controversial and opening up a topic for debate in the bar afterwards.

Therefore tonight’s table topics are based loosely around the subject of weddings, members were asked to feel free to vent or condone or indeed be devils advocate.

And the winner was Alan Rooney with his take on the following question:  The prime minister has called on the nation to “get on and have fun” on the day of the royal wedding, urging Britons to organise street parties.  Is this part of his master plan to get people involved in the big society or does he just wanna have fun?

The other questions I posed at tonight’s meeting were these and if you have a voice please comment!

  1. Prime Minister David Cameron said it would be “a happy and momentous occasion” and would be marked by a public holiday.  What are your thoughts on the extra day in the holiday calendar?  Good for the nation’s morale in this time of austerity or serious burden on the small business communities destined to get us out of the financial mess we are in?
  2. Prince William and Kate Middleton can expect clear skies and sunshine on their wedding day if the weather is anything like previous years.  It found the average high during the last 20 years was a mild 16.6C.  Weather permitting what will you do on the 29th?
  3. Kate Middleton’s family has had a coat of arms designed, which will feature on a souvenir royal wedding programme.  Royal experts say the coat of arms – which cost £4,400 to make – marks the increased social status of her parents and her potential as a future queen.  When was the last time you bought a coat to increase your status?
  4. Of course this is not the only wedding this week.  On Saturday 23rd April Jane and Adam the BT couple tie the knot.  This has been an ongoing saga for a number of years and has attracted 57000 fans on its Facebook page.  What is your all time favourite advertisement and why?
  5. It is 1.33 miles from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace, the route the couple will take as newlyweds. For the Metropolitan Police, protecting them all is a massive security challenge. There will be 5,000 police officers on duty or in reserve not to mention the risk mitigation exercised going on before hand.  Is this good use of tax payers money for UK PLC or is it a waste?
  6. The prince offered his future wife the engagement ring of his late mother.  Do you think this is sentimental nonsense or a good piece of publicity in not spending extortionate cash in this time of austerity?

One thought on “Table Topics – the controversial subject of weddings indeed!

  1. As Evaluator of the evening, I was really impressed by the standard of responses given. It was hard to choose a winner, but Alan gave a dramatic start, measured response and good ending.

    Toastmasters is a great way to improve your speeches at weddings, whether as father of the bride, the groom or best man. From some I have heard at weddings, there is a need out there!

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